The Story of River Road: A Lifeline Connecting People to River Life

Many states in this country have towns and cities nestled right up against a major river. To millions of people, the river lifestyle is more than just a fun summer activity. They live and work along the river and need a lifeline to travel back and forth. River Road Clothing Co. is named after a very real (and necessary) landmark that runs just down the way from where our business operates. Kick your feet up, and we’ll tell you the story. 

River Road Central Texas

River Road is a 10-mile scenic drive between Canyon Lake Dam and Loop 337 in New Braunfels. The history of River Road intertwines with the growth of New Braunfels and its relationship with the Guadalupe River. New Braunfels was founded in 1845 by a group of German immigrants seeking to establish a Texas colony. The town's location along the Guadalupe played a significant role in its development. River Road emerged as a crucial transportation route connecting the original villages for trade and camaraderie on either side of the river.

River Road runs parallel to the Guadalupe and even crosses the river at several points. However, as tourism in the region grew, the road's importance expanded. Visitors began to flock to the Guadalupe River for recreational activities, particularly during the hot summer months. River Road became the main access point for people enjoying the river's natural beauty and escaping the grueling Texas heat. Millions of people float this 20-mile stretch of the river between Sattler Road and New Braunfels each year. The Guadalupe cuts through tall limestone bluffs and towering cypress trees. There are occasional rapids, but for the most part, the river flows along lazily—making it the perfect water destination for beginners and sightseers. 

Over time, River Road evolved into a hub of outdoor recreation. Numerous campgrounds, cabins, and resorts sprang up along its path, allowing visitors to spend more than a day exploring the river. The road provides scenic views of lush forests and rocky bluffs, with many spots offering access to the river for swimming, floating, fishing, and boating. There are dozens of river floating outfitters along River Road, where you can rent tubes or canoes, and restaurants serving hearty meals (and plenty of beer) to exhausted river ramblers. Most river outfitters run a shuttle service to bring people to the point of entry for their float and use River Road to travel back and forth. 

Iconic Destination for River Enthusiasts is an Economic Driver for New Braunfels 

River Road Clothing Co.

River Road provides an infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. It contributes to the cultural identity of Central Texas, drawing visitors from all over the world to come appreciate the area's natural beauty and experience all of the activities the Guadalupe River has to offer.

To us locals, River Road is a connector. It allows us to live and work as close as possible to the river—and never be far from a fishing hole or a kayak launch. At River Road Clothing Co., we are all about using the imagery of the river lifestyle on the hats, shirts, and drinkware necessary to have a good day out on the water. We take great pride in highlighting the traditions of River Road with our brand and hope you feel the same when wearing our designs.   

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