RIVER ROADIE (n) A person who often travels to rivers, for the purpose of having fun & stuff. Whether its fishing, floating, swimming, kayaking, rope swinging or hell....just sitting in it & drinking beer. Said person also enjoys traveling, hiking & the outdoors in general. The greatest of River Roadies almost always have a decent photographer nearby ready to creatively capture their most enjoyable moments.

Oh... & must also love Texas.

Think you might be one? Let's find out...

What are the requirements?

Must be active on Instagram or Facebook & over the age of 18. Must also have qualities listed in the River Roadie definition above.

What are my responsibilities?

Must post photos of yourself or a friend wearing or holding our products on a bi-monthly basis on Instagram or Facebook.

What helps my chances of being chosen?

Having an appealing instagram account. Good photography skills. Travels to cool places often.


Once chosen as a River Roadie, you'll receive free products each month of your 6 months term. Products given are chosen according to what season your term falls in. Last chance products are not eligible.

Once i'm in, am I in for life?

Here at RRCC we like change. Each chosen River Roadie gets a 6 month gig. After that 6 month period is up, we will pass the torch to someone new. 

Do I have to have a large number of followers?

It helps, but there are a few factors that go into our selection process. You must also have proof of being engaged with your followers (reply to comments, likes, answer questions, etc.)

Can I get canned?

If your social media account lacks the required amount of River Road posts then yes, you will have to hit the road. Because accepting free products without giving us anything in return would be super duper not very cool ;)


Shoot us an email at info@riverroadclothing.com. Include a link to your social media accounts & include as much information about yourself as you'd like.