It's Camping Season! Here are 10 Beautiful Places to Get You Out in the Woods

Attention, outdoor enthusiasts and mosquito magnets alike! It's that time of year when nature calls, and we all flock to the great outdoors. Yes, friends, it's camping season when we willingly trade our cozy beds for lumpy sleeping bags, our Wi-Fi for wildlife, and our clean showers for daring encounters with chilly lakes. Who needs modern amenities when you can stumble around in the dark desperately searching for your toothbrush? 

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Camping season is the ultimate test of survival skills: Can you start a fire without burning down the forest? Can you set up a tent without dropping an F-bomb? Can you brave the unspeakable horrors lurking within the campground restrooms? If you answer "maybe" to any of these questions, congratulations! You're ready to embark on an adventure at one of these incredible camping spots. 


*Before planning your trip, remember to check the availability and reservation requirements for camping at these locations and any regulations or necessary permits. The links provided are just to get you started. 



Texas Camping Recommendations

Camping in Texas offers a diverse range of landscapes and experiences. From the piney woods of East Texas to the rugged canyons out West, there is something for every nature enthusiast. The River Road team says you have to check out these three before you die: 

Big Bend National Park
Located in the Chihuahuan Desert, Big Bend offers stunning landscapes, including canyons, mountains, and the Rio Grande. It provides various camping options, from backcountry camping to developed campgrounds.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Boasting the highest peak in Texas (Guadalupe Peak), this park features diverse ecosystems with beautiful plants and wildlife. Camping is available at the Pine Springs Campground.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
Camping at Enchanted Rock is a truly magical experience. The massive pink granite dome, rising 425 feet above the surrounding landscape, creates a stunning backdrop for camping and exploration along the many scenic trails. The park provides both primitive and developed campsites.


New Mexico Camping Recommendations

Camping in New Mexico is a captivating experience where you can explore the state's unique blend of desert landscapes, towering mountains, and vibrant cultural heritage. From the stunning red rock formations of the Jemez Mountains to the enchanting beauty of the Gila National Forest, there are endless opportunities for outdoor fun. The River Road team says you have to check out these four before you die: 

Carlsbad Caverns National Park
The park is famous for its massive underground caves, intricate rock formations, and stunning chambers. Camping near Carlsbad allows you to explore the caverns during the day and enjoy the beautiful desert landscapes at night. While camping is not permitted within Carlsbad Caverns National Park, there are several nearby campgrounds where you can stay while visiting the park.

White Sands National Park
White Sands National Park is a unique and mesmerizing destination in southern New Mexico. The park features vast gypsum sand dunes that create a stunning white landscape. Camping is available at the nearby White Sands Missile Range, where you can experience the dunes, enjoy beautiful sunsets, and stargazing.

Bandelier National Monument
Situated in northern New Mexico, Bandelier National Monument offers a glimpse into ancient Puebloan dwellings and the stunning Frijoles Canyon. The park provides several campsites where you can immerse yourself in the area's rich history and natural beauty. Don't miss the opportunity to hike the trails and explore the ancient ruins.

Jemez Mountains
Located in northern New Mexico, these mountains offer a picturesque setting for camping enthusiasts. The area features beautiful forests, hot springs, and scenic drives. Popular camping spots in the Jemez Mountains include the Jemez Falls Campground and the San Antonio Hot Springs for a serene and rejuvenating camping experience.


Colorado Camping Recommendations

This state is known for its breathtaking mountain ranges, pristine alpine lakes, and vast expanses of wilderness, making it a dream for campers. From the iconic peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the charming valleys and meadows, endless hiking, fishing, and wildlife opportunities exist. The River Road team says you have to check out these three before you die: 

Rocky Mountain National Park
This world-famous national park offers stunning alpine landscapes, majestic peaks, and pristine wilderness. Numerous campgrounds are available throughout the park, with tent and RV camping. Surround yourself with the beauty of the Rockies, hike scenic trails, and wave hello to incredible wildlife.

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness
Located near Aspen, this wilderness area has stunning mountain scenery of the exquisite Maroon Bells peaks. Camping options include dispersed camping along Maroon Creek Road and designated campsites near Crater Lake. Enjoy hiking, fishing, and the picturesque reflections of the Maroon Bells in the surrounding lakes.

Mesa Verde National Park
Discover the ancient cliff dwellings and unique cultural heritage of Mesa Verde National Park. The park offers a campground with sites for tents and RVs, allowing you to immerse yourself in the archaeological wonders of the area. Explore the well-preserved cliff dwellings, hike the trails, and learn about the history and culture of the Ancestral Pueblo people.

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PRO TIP:  Laughter Makes "Roughing It" Easier 

Sure, you might wake up face-to-face with a curious squirrel or discover that your tent magically transforms into a wading pool during a passing rain shower. If you can find humor in even the most precarious situations, you’ll be just fine.  

Happy Camping!

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