Looking Back on Five Years of Growth at River Road Clothing Co.

Dear River Roadies, 
As we get ready to celebrate the fifth anniversary of this “what if” I’ve built into a business, I dug back through the archives to put together a reminder of how much it all has grown.

River Road Clothing Co.

In the beginning, my store was online only. Some of my long-time friends might even remember the original branding as Misha+Hunt. Now, #RiverRdClothingCo has products in 100 stores all across Texas & the United States. I’ve even seen a sale come in from Australia & we have a retailer in Europe!

I am so grateful to all the customers, retailers, family, and fans for your support. It’s an honor to get up every morning and think, “What can I put an armadillo on today?”

- Johanna


P.S. We put together a celebration giveaway for the month of June with three bundles of clothing, hats & accessories for 16 lucky winners totaling more than $1,000 in total prizes! 




Five Years of Growth for River Road

My kids modeling the first styles
My kids modeling the first styles.



"Helping" to deliver orders.



Not currently driving, don't worry! 



The “Howdy Doody” packaging I used in the beginning.
All stamped by me, thank you very much.
Taking photos (sometimes on my knees) of all the products on any friend or neighbor who was willing.

New team members coming on board to help us grow even further!
Hi Andrew!!

Finally, the new barn we plan to move into sometime in the future!

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