Don’t Go Out There Looking Like a Dummy! Choose the Right River Road Hat for Your Face

There’s nothing quite as uniquely personal as your face. It’s yours and yours alone. No one else has one quite like it, so make your face stand out in the crowd with the right dome-topper. 

First things first, we need to determine your face shape cause there are many: Round, Square, Oval, Heart, Diamond, Spades, Clubs—and of course, the Joker (which is a very specific face, and you know if you have one). Each shape has its own special features that can be enhanced or made to stick out like a sore thumb depending on the hat you choose.


If you have a round face that likes to keep rolling…

Might we suggest the timeless trucker-style hat? It looks great while operating any motorized vehicle and is always good to go (right on the kitchen table where you left it) when you are ready to move! 

 Gruene Swoosh Trucker Hat


If you have an angled face and an anglers heart…

Pop on a fishing hat and get to the river, my fine-fisher-friend! Your skill with the rod is directly related to the size and color of the fish on your hat, so choose wisely.

 German Trout Hat


If you have a long face and tall tales to tell…

You need to keep that crown unstructured with a slightly pliable bill while weaving your stories of wilderness greatness. That way, no one will ever know what you’re hiding behind those ludicrous exaggerations about the bear you shook hands with that one time. 

 Happy Camper Hat


If you have a heart-shaped face covered in tear-drop sweat beads…

Consider a hat with built-in ventilation! Our H2O snapback lets the air in to cool that boiled cabbage you call a head while wicking away the moisture of a hot game of golf at Landa Park or a long float down the Guadalupe. Rep New Braunfels the right way (not soggy!).

 NBTX H2O Snapback Hat


If you have a diamond face and money personality…

You need to flaunt your style in a good vintage rope hat that lets everyone know your love for the green stuff. Also waterproof, this hat remains a beauty as you dive from your boat into the rich Lake Austin waters. 

 ATX Vintage Rope Hat


So, What Have We Learned? (Hint: Not Much) 

Choosing the right hat not only makes a great fashion statement but can actually help your face not suck. Remember to consider how much face you have, the sharpness of your jawline, and your fore (or even five) head when selecting a hat. Experiment with different fishing logos or initials for the towns you’ve lived in to make sure everyone around you really KNOWS you. Whether you're looking for a casual outdoor ballcap or a nice indoor restaurant ballcap, there's a hat out there just waiting to hug your face around the neck.



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